Innovative and proficient design is the confluence of artistic and technical skill. Consequently, our staff complement incorporates individuals with technical backgrounds and those with professional design training to provide an optimal level of Services. We employ computer automation for information management and Contract Document Production to provide our Clients a convenient means of retaining project records.

Architectural Services

Whiteline Architects offers a complete range of Architectural Services from conceptual design to post-construction follow-up. Depending upon the project and available budget, we will cater the nature of Services to the Client’s needs and requirements. We recognize the variation in services attributable to alternate project delivery models and to commissions in the public and private sectors. Our range of Professional Architectural Services includes:

Program Analysis & Definition, Feasibility Studies, Schematic/Conceptual Design, Site Development Studies, Design Development, Building Assessment & Inspection Reports, Project Tendering, Building Surveys & Measured Record Drawings, Bid Analysis & Tender Reward, Project Promotional Services, Contract Documents

Interior design Services

Interior Design Services can address issues both functional and aesthetic ranging from basic spatial planning and Building Code Studies to detailed fitment design, finishes selection, and furniture sourcing for custom interiors. The level of services is related to both the nature of the commission and the requirement of each Client.

Beyond strictly physical design, interior design can also address the “soft” considerations contributing to an optimal interior environment, including lighting qualities and air quality control. Low VOC finishes, anti-microbial materials, solvent free curing materials, and even HVAC ducting types all contribute to healthy indoor environments, which are increasingly important in contemporary public facilities with the emerging awareness of environmental allergies. Our range of Interior Design Services include:

Ontario Building Code Studies, Custom Furniture Design, Program Definition & Analysis, Interior Colour & Finishes Selection, Spatial Planning Studies, Furniture & Fitments Selection, Spatial Efficiency Assessments, Fitment Fabrication Coordination, Flexibility Planning, Interior Graphics and Wayfinding, Custom Millwork Design, Sourcing & Purchasing Services, Furnishings Layout Planning, Corporate Image Development, Existing FFE Inventory Services, Relocation & Moving Coordination

feasability study Services

Feasibility Studies can help ascertain the viability of a proposed project or development according to spatial, financial or functional criteria related to the Client’s needs. A well-rounded feasibility assessment extends beyond strictly quantitative considerations to address qualitative aspects related to user appeal and design suitability to present and long-term needs. Feasibility Studies can be particularly useful in accessing retrofit /addition / relocation options for facility owners, or to assist developers in determining optimal means for developing proposed projects or sites. In addition, project delivery models and costing / financing models can be included in the focus of the Study to provide the Owner with a more complete feasibility perspective.

Building condition study Services

Building Condition studies are a great tool in not only quantifying the amount of work required to repair a building but also the financial constraints. As part of our condition reports we provide alternative options to patch and repair problem areas as well as a cost and life cycle analysis on the required work. Pending budgetary constraints our firm can prioritize the required work, ensuring that the needs of our clients are met within their means. This type of information is essential to any client that is considering the option of either repairing or building new. Our experience with building condition studies have been in both invasive and non-invasive.

building code study Services

Included in our other types of studies is a section on areas that currently do not meet the building code, with the intention that the owner will rectify the issue if construction is approved. Separate Building Code Studies have become a growing field of expertise at Whiteline Architects. Similar to our other studies, financial analysis is given to bring existing building up to current building code. The major component of the building code studies is accessibility in the built environment. Currently municipalities are adapting standards that are above and beyond the code for accessibility such as the F.A.D.S. Whiteline Architects has had vast experience designing project that adapt these standards and are confident in not only designing the building to conform with the standards but also the intent of them.

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